BuddhAwakened State - Tibetan Mantras by Bruno Libert and Janice Slater

Drawing by Janice

Janice and I got back in touch a couple of years ago, after having worked together in Esperanto Rock Orchestra...30 years ago. We started this Mantra "cyberspace" project via the internet between Australia and Belgium when Janice sent me her vocals/sound files by e-mail! I then put together and recorded the backing tracks in Brussels and Patmos. And here are the results of our collaboration. All "nature" sounds (some have been processed) like rain, wind, sea, birds songs etc..I used in the tracks were recorded in Patmos.

 !!! NEW !!! Watch Bruno's graphic synthesis video of "True Nature" (low res)

  True Nature (The Vajra Guru Mantra) - 1
  True Nature - 2
  Luminosity (Medicine Buddha Mantra)
  Red Centre (Red Tara Mantra) - 1
  Red Centre - 2
  Red Centre - 3
  Lotus Born/A Homage to Padmasambhava - 1
  Lotus Born - 2
  Lotus Born - 3
  Wisdom Warrior (Black Manjushri Mantra)
  Awakened State (Chenrezig Mantra:Buddha of Compassion) - 1
  Awakened State - 2
  The Lake (The Seven-Line Prayer) - 1
  The Lake - 2
  Ocean Flow (Medicine Buddha Mantra)

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